Alameda Cafe - Portland, OR
Jin Wah - Beaverton, OR
Robbi's Sport's Bar - Portland, OR
Salty's on the Columbia - Portland, OR
Ramada Inn - O'Callahan's Restaurants - Portland & The Dalles, OR
Le Canelet Restaurant - Christian Geffrard - Dundee, OR
Andrews Restaurant/County Commissioner Magnano - Vancouver, WA
Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant - Portland, OR
Old Wives Tale Restaurant - Portland, OR
The University Club- Portland, OR
The Multnomah Club - Portland, OR
Lloyd Properties Cafeteria - Portland, OR
Shilo Inn Airport Main Lobby - Portland, OR
Embassy Suites Hotel - Burlingame, CA
Embassy Suites Hotel - Milpitas, CA


Moonstruck Chocolates/Marsee Baking - Portland, OR
Bean Street International/Villiage Market - Lake Oswego, OR
Tangles Hair Salon - Vancouver, WA
Coffee Bean International (CBI) - Portland, OR
Kitteridge & Fredrickson (K&F) Coffee Store - Portland, OR
Hermes of Paris Union Square - San Francisco, CA


First Interstate Tower Lobby - Portland, OR
Pacific Lloyd Properties/Tower Lobby - Portland, OR
Pacific Lloyd Properties/500 Lobby - Portland, OR


IVC Northwest Office/Montgomery Park - Portland, OR
The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery - Portland, OR
St. Vincents Hospital - Portland, OR
Providence Hospital - Medford, OR
El Mirador Medical Plaza - Palm Springs, CA
Ingham Medical Plaza - Lansing, MI
White Memorial Medical Plaza - Los Angeles, CA
Portland Orthopedic Clinic - Portland, OR
Legacy Health System - Portland, OR
Tom Merchant Periodontics Office - Portland, OR
Patterson Medical Building - Eugene, OR


Sonoma County Main Jail - Santa Rosa, CA
Lawrence Livermore Laboratories Procurement - Livermore, CA
Department of the Navy - Monterey, CA


Mt. Zion Church - Portland, OR
Hamlin School - San Francisco, CA


The Oregon Ballet Theatre/James Canfield - Portland, OR
Marsh McClennan-Ann Kellar Executive Office - Portland, OR
Temple Beth Israel/Rabbi Roses Office - Portland, OR
Weiss Descamp Botteri - Portland, OR
Spears Lubersky, Et. al - Portland, OR
Richardson Strang Engels - Portland, OR
Pacific Heritage Assurance Company - Portland OR
Opton Galton Rosenthal/American Bank Building - Portland, OR
McEwen Gisvold Rankin Stewart/Standard Insurance Plaza - Portland, OR
Judge O'Scannlain's Chambers/Pioneer Courthouse Square - Portland, OR
Martin Bischoff Templeton/First Interstate Tower - Portland, OR
Portland Development Commission - Portland, OR
Portland Rose Festival Association - Portland, OR
San Francisco Federal Savings and Loan - San Francisco, CA
Capital National Bank RJB Interests - Sacramento, CA
United Airlines Executive Offices - San Francisco, CA
Norris, Beggs & Simpson Corporate Headquarters - San Francisco, CA
Sutro and Co Incorporate Headquarters - San Francisco, CA
Westcap Financial Group/Turner Stevens Building - Pasadena, CA


Pacific State Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) - Portland, OR
Fish Passage Center (FPC) - Portland, OR
US National Bank - Oregon
Phoenix Mortgage - Portland, OR
Albers Mill, Legacy, Wheat Marketing Center, Richardson Strang Engles, Oregon Wine Advisory - Portland, OR
On Centerpointe - Lake Oswego, OR
Consolidated Freightways Headquarters - Portland, OR
State of Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles - Salem, OR
100 West Liberty/Guild and Hagen - Reno, NV
Continental Canning Company - Sacramento, CA
Landels Ripley Diamond Building/72 New Montgomery - San Francisco, CA
Capital National Bank - San Francisco, CA


Healthy Home Design for Santesson Residence - Portland, OR
Kanan LLC- Portland, OR
Paulson Residence - Portland, OR
Marbotts Residence - Portland, OR
McCormicks Residence - Portland, OR
Hanzlik Residence (Melanie Griffith's Cousin) - Portland, OR
Schelb Residence - Portland, OR
O'Leary/Gale Street Residence - Portland, OR
Redden Residence - Portland, OR
Brown Residence - Portland, OR
Murphy Residence - Washougal, WA
Martini Residence - Vancouver, WA
Mrozek Residence - Portland, OR
Ploss Residence - Portland, OR
Virnig Residence - Portland, OR
Vacura/Boise Residence - Portland, OR
Burns-Ratoza Residence - Portland, OR
Calcagno Residence - Portland, OR
Douglass Residence - Vancouver, WA
Kerg Residence - Portland, OR
Borzotta Residence - Portland, OR
Collins Residence - Portland, OR
Brown Residence - Portland, OR
Schneider-Eulau Residence - Portland, OR
Rhodes Residence - Portland, OR
Goodman-Lee Residence - Portland, OR
Murtagh Residence - Portland, OR
Vollum Residence - Portland, OR
Brophy Residence - Portland, OR
Irving Street Apartment Remodel - Portland, OR
Merchant Residence - Portland, OR
Holman Residence - Portland, OR
Spanish Bay Townhouses - Pebble Beach, CA
Discovery Bay Residence - Byron, CA
​Cohn Residence - Burlingame, CA
Fisher Residence - (The Gap Owners) - San Francisco, CA
Lombardo Residence - San Francisco, CA
Rivo Residence - San Francisco, CA
​Owen-Katzman Residence - San Francisco, CA
Passovoy Residence - San Francisco, CA
Lilyengren Residence - Eugene, OR
​Searidge Condominiums - Salishan, OR
Coronet Apartments Sunset Blvd. - Los Angeles, CA